10-in-10Tan VFF-PAC Helps Elect 8 Veterans to Congress in 2010

In early 2010, Vets for Freedom PAC launched Operation 10-in-10 with the mission of electing 10 Iraq/Afghanistan/Gulf War veterans to Congress in 2010.

And on Election Day, we helped send 8 young, pro-victory candidates to Washington. CLICK HERE to see the list of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Gulf War veterans headed to Congress to represent our warrior generation.

CLICK HERE to listen to some of our radio ads for the candidates. And CLICK HERE to read our endorsement criteria.


VFF Testifies Before the Senate Judiciary Committee

On July 1, 2010 VFF Executive Director Pete Hegseth testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the nomination of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court.

And, on July 21, 2010 Pete also penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, entitled "Kagan and the Military: What Really Happened."

CLICK HERE to watch Pete's testimony on C-SPAN. And CLICK HERE to read Pete's op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.


VOTH 2009

Vets on the Hill 2009

In November of 2009, VFF continued a three-year tradition and brought over 60 Afghanistan and Iraq veterans to Capitol Hill.  The veterans held over 100 meetings on Capitol Hill with Republicans and Democrats, asking them to support General McChrystal's strategy and request for Afghanistan. VFF also met with White House officials in the West Wing.

CLICK HERE to read the Weekly Standard article by VFF's Tom Cotton, who attended many of the meetings. The article is a great summary of "Vets on the Hill: Afghanistan".


"Truth About the Surge" Campaign

Throughout 2008, VFF hit the airwaves with powerful television ads, calling on Senator Obama and others to "tell the truth about the Iraq Surge."  Progress was happening, but politicians were slow to admit it.  VFF held their feet to the fire, with over $7.5 million in TV ads.

CLICK HERE to watch the TV ads.


VFF "Back to Iraq" Battlefield Trip

In August of 2008, Vets for Freedom sent 8 veterans back to the very streets they once patrolled in Iraq to assess the results of the Surge. Pete Hegseth, Joel Arends, Shawn Bryan, Kate Norley, Erik Swabb, Ben Hayden, David Bellavia and Daniel Bell returned to such places as Fallujah, Baghdad, Baqubah, Taji, Mosul and Ramadi. At this point, some media outlets, and certain politicians, still failed to assess the situation objectively; so Vets for Freedom headed Back to Iraq to find out the ground truth.

CLICK HERE to see follow their trip.


Vets on the Hill 2008

In April of 2008, for the second year in a row, VFF rallied 450 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan to lobby members of Congress to continue supporting the surge in Iraq. The event coincided with General Petraeus' testimony and was the single largest gathering of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to date.

CLICK HERE to read more about Vets on the Hill 2008


The National Heroes Tour

For three weeks in March and April of 2008, many of America's most decorated war heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan packed their bags and are hit the road on a national bus tour to take their non-partisan message of success in Iraq from coast-to-coast.  The tour covered over 3,000 miles and resulted in hundreds of media appearances.


Vets for Freedom at CPAC

New Generation of Valor: Decorated Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

Pete Hegseth moderated the panel featuring the some of the Heroes that participated in the National Heroes Tour--including Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell. They described their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan and expressed the importance of success on the battlefield.

Click here for video of VFF founder David Bellavia speaking at the CPAC conference.


Pete Hegseth on BBC World: Iraq War Debate

In London, England, Vets for Freedom's Pete Hegseth debates the Iraq War in front of a television audience of 76 million, and live audience of 2,000.

To View the Debate in its entirety, please click here


Vets on the Hill 2007

On Tuesday September 18, 2007, over 250 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans - along with Blue and Gold star families - took their message to Capitol Hill. Veterans from 42 states met with over 60 Senators, and over 100 Representatives. The message was simple: support General Petraeus and America's mission in Iraq.


Vets for Freedom History

In December 2005, a group of friends came together to found Vets for Freedom, in an effort to tell the American people the ground truths of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The founders were decorated combat veterans of these wars, and were frustrated with the way the media and politicians were portraying these wars to the American people. The cofounders represented the trigger-pulling class of today's military and they were not going to stand idly by as their war was being debated by politicians and pundits who had little first hand knowledge of the situation on the ground.


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Vets for Freedom is a nonpartisan 501(c)(4) organization which focuses primarily on educating the American public about the importance of achieving success on the battlefield by applying our first-hand knowledge to issues of American strategy and tactics. Vets for Freedom PAC is a federal political action committee which aims to support those candidates who recognize the importance of achieving success on the battlefield. Vets for Freedom and Vets for Freedom PAC are separate organizations.