"Operation 10-in-10" was launched to elect 10 young pro-victory veterans to Congress in 2010.  Thanks to your help, Vets for Freedom Political Action Committee helped elect eight of them to the House of Representatives on Tuesday, November 2, 2010--more than doubling the number of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans serving in the House.

With eight victories among ten races, VFF-PAC leads the pack among veterans and military political action committees. Check out our new Congressmen-elect below.

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Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (Florida-22)

Allen West - web
Gulf War? Check. Iraq War? Check. Afghan War? Check. You name it, Lieutenant Colonel West has the t-shirt...and the awards to prove it. Lieutenant Colonel West was decorated for valor on the battlefield as a Captain during Desert Storm, he led a battalion (that's about 600 Soldiers) in combat in Iraq, and then trained Afghan Army officers in Afghanistan. In all places, Lieutenant Colonel West always put his men first, and was willing to make the tough calls.

Don't we need more Congressmen who can make tough calls in Washington? Damn right we do, and Lieutenant Colonel West is the man for the job. VFF-PAC stood with him, and he won with 54% of the vote.

Visit Lieutenant Colonel West's site HERE.

Army Lieutenant Colonel Steve Stivers (Ohio-15)

Steve Stivers - web
This Army veteran of 25 years was a Battalion Commander who led over 400 soldiers in a combat zone. That should make shepherding the 435 sheep...um, we mean House members...a simple task. (For the record, the House is comprised of 80% non-veterans).

Lieutenant Colonel Stivers came thi....s close to winning this Congressional seat in 2008, losing in a recount. VFF-PAC supported him then, and did so again in 2010.  This year, Stivers came out on top, capturing 55% of the vote.

Visit Lieutenant Colonel Stivers' site HERE.

Air Force Captain Adam Kinzinger (Illinois-11)

Adam Kinzinger - web
The other nine members of VFF-PAC's Operation 10-in-10 saw the war(s) from the ground; Captain Kinzinger saw them from the sky--sending valuable intelligence to ground troops in Iraq (2 tours) and flying air medical evacuations in Afghanistan, a job that requires skill...and balls of steel. Captain Kinzinger may look like Tom Cruise, but he's actually earned the wings.

Captain Kinzinger calls Iraq and Afghanistan veterans "America's warrior class," and he's right. He will be a stalwart for his fellow veterans, not just when they come home--but also while their on the battlefield. Captain Kinzinger won on November 2nd with almost 58% of the vote.

Visit Captain Kinzinger's site HERE.

Army Colonel Joe Heck (Nevada-3)

Joe Heck - web
Colonel Heck is the man you never wanted to see in Iraq, but when you did, he was a warfighter's best friend. This is because Colonel Heck ran the emergncy and air-medical evacuation division for the combat support hospital in Al Asad, Iraq. Al Asad is the second largest base in Iraq, and recieved wounded Soldiers and Marines from multiple hot spots on a daily basis. Think M-A-S-H on steroids.

Colonel Heck commands a U.S. Army Hospital state-side, and now commands the people's seat in Nevada-3. VFF-PAC fought with everything we had for Colonel Heck, and he came through winning a tight race (48%-47%) on Election Night.

Visit Colonel Heck's site HERE.

Navy Commander Andy Harris (Maryland-1)

Commander Harris helped save and rehabilitate the severely wounded during Operation Desert Storm.  And with all that's ailing Washington these days, VFF-PAC believes Congress could really use this dedicated physician stat!

In addition to leading the John Hopkins' Naval Reserve Medical Unit in the years since, Commander Harris has served in the Maryland state senate, applying his oath to the Constitution and defending liberty every step of the way.  This Republican is battled mightily in a very competitive race, and surged to victory with 55% of the vote.

Visit Commander Harris' site HERE.

Marine Corporal Michael Grimm (New York-13)

Corporal Grimm left college and enlisted at age nineteen, earning a meritorious field promotion before returning home from the first Gulf War.  All Marine jokes aside, Corporal Grimm's a leader of many talents, having also served as a deputy U.S. Marshall and an FBI special agent.

Now a businessman with degrees in law and accounting, Corporal Grimm, as with all VFF-PAC's Operation 10-in-10 candidates, embodies the new generation of citizen-solider-legislators Washington needs to strengthen U.S. national security policy and restore economic prosperity. He won with 52% of his district's support.

Visit Corporal Grimm's site HERE.

Army Major Tim Griffin (Arkansas-2)

Tim Griffin - web
Major Griffin--a Screamin' Eagle no less!--has served our country in uniform for 13 years, one of which was spent in Iraq on a Bridage Operational Law Team. He earned the Combat Action Badge--which means this Army lawyer met the enemy in battle, not just in the courtroom. He remains in the Army Reserves to this day.

Major Griffin won his Republican primary, and won with over 57% of the vote on Election Night. VFF-PAC was proud to send artillery, mortars, direct fire, and some infantrymen down range on his behalf.

Visit Major Griffin's website HERE.

Army Colonel Chris Gibson (New York-20)

Chris Gibson - web
7 tours, including 4 Iraq combat tours. 4 Bronze Stars. 2 CIBs. 1 Purple Heart. Any way you stack it up, this infantry Brigade Commander is a modern day GI Joe. Colonel Gibson's battalion earned a Unit Valor Award in Iraq, during some of the fiercest fighting of the war. And, oh by the way, Colonel Gibson is a graduate of Cornell and Stanford, and taught at West Point. So he's smarter than you...and us.

Colonel Gibson, who was the consensus Republican candidate, faced an uphill battle in November. But he had seen that situation before! VFF-PAC followed him as he charged up the hill in New York, and he won 55% of the vote. He will bring leadership, integrity, and some good ol' fashion wup-ass to Capitol Hill.

Visit Colonel Gibson's site HERE.

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