logo_site Vets for Freedom has launched our "Truth about the Surge" media and grassroots campaign. The campaign is intended to inform the American public, and key lawmakers, about the undeniable success that our troops have achieved as a result of the surge, and the importance of ensuring victory in Iraq, Afghanistan and the overall Global War on Terrorism.

In the coming weeks our objectives are twofold:

number1 Tell your members of Congress to support the surge and our troops by supporting Senate Resolution 636 and creating a similar resolution in the House. We need your help, call your member, write a Letter to the editor and spread the word about the success of the surge and importance of 'walking the walk' and showing their support by voting yes for Senate Resolution 636.

Click Here
to view a Dear Colleague letter from Senators Graham and Lieberman for SR 636.
Telling your friends and neighbors the importance of the surge and missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The American people have the right to know that we are and with your help will WIN the war in Iraq. The surge has worked and we need you to help spread the word.

"Truth about the Surge" will only succeed if our members are willing to volunteer their time. But isn't this the least we can do, with our fellow Soldiers, Marines, Airman, and Sailors still serving overseas? We need you to volunteer to write Letters to the Editor, attend events, make phone calls, call into local radio shows, and exploit targets of opportunity. We will be running TV ads in most of these states as well to further spread the message.


Paid for by Vets for Freedom Political Action Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. www.vetsforfreedom.org/pac.

Vets for Freedom is a nonpartisan 501(c)(4) organization which focuses primarily on educating the American public about the importance of achieving success on the battlefield by applying our first-hand knowledge to issues of American strategy and tactics. Vets for Freedom PAC is a federal political action committee which aims to support those candidates who recognize the importance of achieving success on the battlefield. Vets for Freedom and Vets for Freedom PAC are separate organizations.